Worship Team

Our Worship Philosophy

Worship is the human response to the self-revelation of the Triune God, which includes three aspects.  First, a divine initiation in which God graciously reveals Himself, His purpose, and His will. Second, a spiritual and personal relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ enabled by the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Finally, a response by the worshiper of joyful adoration, reverence, humility, submission and obedience. Worship is a dialogue between God and man and we see it play out in the Bible and in our own lives.

When we gather to worship on Sunday in the presence of God we want to remember who we were (sons of disobedience) and celebrate who we are now (adopted sons and daughters of the living God). We gather to hear from God through the reading of His word and the counsel of the Holy Spirit speaking to our hearts. We gather to respond to God’s love and grace and we humbly adore our Savior with prayers of thanksgiving and songs of praise. We gather to prepare through the study of His Word to fulfill the Great Commission and go into all nations.

Ways You Can Serve

  • Adult Choir (Ages 14 and up)
  • Orchestra and Band
  • Video Arts
  • Multimedia
  • Drama

If you have an interest in serving together with us even in an area that is not listed above, please contact  scott@fiveforks.org 

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