Whether you are a follower of Christ, or have never had a relationship with Jesus, we want to help you grow to be more like Him. Come join us each Sunday morning in our weekly worship service as God’s Word is preached. Join one of our many fellowship groups. Grow in a discipleship group. Engage our community and the world through our outreach and mission’s program.

For more information contact;
Dr. Mark Brown – Pastor of Discipleship and Outreach


1. Discipleship begins by knowing God intimately

Who He is
His wonderful plan for you

discipleship know God through weekly worship and teaching

2. Disciples Grow Together in Community

We were made in the image of a Triune God:
Father, Son, Spirit
We were made in the image of a community

discipleship connect by participating in community

discipleship grow as a disciple of christ

3. Disciples Grow in Christ-like character

Disciples love God and people above all else
Disciples desire to grow in their personal relationship with God

discipleship engage the world by making disciples

4. Disciples Engage the

Disciples have a passion to make new disciples
Disciples demonstrate the love of God by serving locally and globally

Young Adult’s Class

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Men’s Ministry Group

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Our staff is here should you have a question. Feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to assist!

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