Our History

Take a few moments to read our history and note how Five Forks Baptist Church has been a presence in this growing community and remains a source of connecting people to God, to our surrounding neighbors, and to the world.

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Our beginning

On July 28, 1974 a group of people from our surrounding community met at Kelly’s Campground near Hendersonville, NC. They came together to discuss organizing a new church in our area. After returning home an additional meeting was held at the upper level of the Bayne Machine Shop, formerly located on the corner of Batesville Road & Woodruff Road. After much discussion, a motion was made to meet on August 6. The group met again prior to this meeting for a time of ernest prayer.

A motion is made

On August 6, 1974, the group met for a time of prayer and discussion. A motion was made that the five former deacons from Cross Roads BC be appointed as a committee to talk with Dan Page, associational missionary in the Greenville Association, concerning regulations to start a Southern Baptist Church. It was also requested that all present, who would support the
organizing of a new church, stand. The action was unanimous.

Our First Worship

The first Sunday School and Worship Service were held on August 11, 1974 in the Bayne Machine Shop. At this service the group named itself Five Forks Mission. Retired minister W. E. Walker spoke. His topic was “Take a Stand for God”. On August 25, 1974, the group voted to organize a Southern Baptist Church and to be affiliated with the Greenville Baptist Association. Constitution services were held October 6, 1974. Immediately Sunday School, Discipleship Training, WMU, Brotherhood and all mission organizations were started including a choir. All services were held in the Bayne Machine Shop. On December 14 of the same year, the church voted to buy 8.11 acres of land at a cost of $21,365. On May 24, 1975 ground breaking ceremonies were held and on November 2, 1975 the newly erected building was dedicated, our present gym.

Building a Foundation

In November, 1982 the church bought a parsonage on Gresham Road for $88,000. This debt was paid off in November 1984. (The parsonage has since been sold.) Each week any money over and above the operating expenses was put in a building fund. On September 14, 1986 the church voted to start plans for a new sanctuary. The approximate cost would be $615,000. Of the amount, $200,000 would be raised before the construction, $400,000 would be borrowed and the balance would be raised during construction. Groundbreaking ceremonies were held on Easter Sunday, April 19, 1987. In February of 1988 we entered the sanctuary.

Expansion of Campus

During 1999-2000, a new Education Building, Offices, and Social Hall were built. In March, 2012 the church voted to renovate the Sanctuary and Social Hall. This work is now complete and today, October 7, 2012, we join in dedicating our renovated facilities to the Glory and Honor of God.

Full-Time Children’s Ministry Direction Position Added

Jennifer Madak was called by the church and accepted the position in 2014. God has blessed this ministry by many families attending and becoming members of the church due to the growth of the Children’s Ministry.

Additional Part-Time Staff Positions Added

Two other part-time staff positions were added in 2017: Children’s Director Assistant (Valerie Kinley) and Discipleship and Outreach Pastor (Mark Brown). The church also elected a Long Range Planning Team in 2017 to study seek God for a planned direction in relation to ministries, etc. for the next 3-5 years.